Process Theatre 

We help develop new theatre projects.  Helping writers, performers and theatre artists create and produce new plays and adaptations for a first look.

Mostly with bare boards and passion.


“Process: An Improviser’s Journey has truly captured that exhilaration we’ve felt performing long-form improv for the stage. It’s this collaborative process, the controlled accident, that generates unforgettable theatre. When we worked with Michael Gellman at the Organic Theatre creating scenario plays, we experienced that first-hand. He carries on the work of Viola Spolin, Paul Sills, and David Shepard, who all saw the potential of improvisation to produce compelling theatrical experiences. An indispensable guide for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the creative process.” ”



Our History

Fall 2012

Creditors - Swedish American Museum Chicago (Production Assistance)

Spring 2013

Anna Christie - Act One Theatre Chicago ( Production Assistance)

Fall 2014

Echoes of the War- Chicago Parks Commision Theatre- Chicago (Production Assistance)

Spring 2014

21st Century Sideshow - Stage 773 Chicago (Production)

Christmas 2015

For Lease Navidad - Colborne Ontario (Production)

Summer 2016

Tales of Amusement- Colborne Ontario (Production)


"Johnny and June: That night in London" by Deborah Ann Smith - June 2017  - Toronto (Reading)

"Binky Petunia" by Dan Castellaneta - July 2017- Toronto (Reading)

"In Exile: by Deb Lacusta - July 2017- Toronto (Reading)

"Echoes of the War Collective"  a theatre Collective under the CAEA Artist Agreement - (Production Assistance)