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Process Theatre 

We help develop new theatre projects.  Helping writers, performers and theatre artists create and produce new plays and adaptations for a first look. We encourage and support new theatre artists, and teach what we know….as we have been taught to do.


SCRIPTED TORONTO May 7 - 19 , 2019

  A new Festival in May 2019 for presentations of new written work!

A new Festival in May 2019 for presentations of new written work!

It is the vision of Process Theatre to produce a festival for writers passionate about their craft who are eager to work with artists to see their work on stage for the first time.  As all artists know, this presentation step is vital in the development of any theatrical work. This opportunity is rarely provided to theatre practitioners, and so we are excited to develop this new festival to offer an engaging and supportive environment for both artistic teams and audiences who love our craft. We encourage submissions from all over the world, with only one prerequisite: well crafted writing.


Process Theatre Production History

Creditors - Swedish American Museum Chicago , Anna Christie - Act One Theatre Chicago , Echoes of the War- Chicago Parks Commission Theatre,

21st Century Sideshow - Stage 773, For Lease Navidad, Tales of Amusement, Johnny and June: That night in London by Deborah Smith - June 2017  (Reading)

Binky Petunia by Dan Castellaneta - July 2017- Toronto (Reading), In Exile: by Deb Lacusta - July 2017- Toronto (Reading)

Echoes of the War Collective- A theatre Collective under the CAEA Artist Agreement

 Process: An Improviser’s Journey  by Scruggs and Gellman

Process: An Improviser’s Journey

by Scruggs and Gellman

“Process: An Improviser’s Journey has truly captured that exhilaration we’ve felt performing long-form improv for the stage. It’s this collaborative process, the controlled accident, that generates unforgettable theatre. When we worked with Michael Gellman at the Organic Theatre creating scenario plays, we experienced that first-hand. He carries on the work of Viola Spolin, Paul Sills, and David Shepard, who all saw the potential of improvisation to produce compelling theatrical experiences. An indispensable guide for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the creative process.” ”