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International Festival of New Script Readings from Around the World - For the love of good writing!

What a great Success!!! Thank-you to everyone for all of your support, contributions and enthusiasm. You all made Scripted Toronto 2019 an amazing inaugural Festival! See you in 2020 where our theme will be “2020 Vision!”

Here are some comments from some of our writers about Scripted Toronto 2019:

“It was absolutely so helpful to hear our plays read by amazing actors as part of Scripted Toronto. This process is invaluable to a playwright. Seeing and hearing the play before an audience, listening to the audience response, and getting audience feedback  — is such a gift. This is the way to get a piece of theater to the next level. Thank you, Michael and Deborah!” — Dan Castellaneta & Deb Lacusta

“Having the opportunity to not only hear the works of so many wonderful writers, but to also get to know them is priceless.  Scripted Toronto is a gift.” - Ron Falzone

"Scripted Toronto gave me everything you need as a playwright - Strong direction, wonderful actors and a supportive audience giving feedback in a safe space. Now I am ready to rewrite Remember Me!-" John S. Green, Resident Alum Playwright, Chicago Dramatists

“Scripted Toronto exceeded all my expectations while refining my process of writing among a gathering of incredibly generous colleagues.  A stunning fusion of diverse people filled with great ideas was so fantastic. “- Thomas McNamara

“Process Theatre is part magician’s cave and part creative laboratory. Where else can you see art and ideas come to life and transform into something far more than you originally envisioned? “ Hugh Spencer

“I just wanted to say a ginormous "thank you" again for organising such an amazing festival. Having a space in order to workshop my new writing was invaluable for me. The space, audience, and team were all so lovely. You really started a fantastic initiative! “ - Rebecca Ostroff

“I am eternally grateful to Process Theatre in Toronto, Deborah Ann Smith & Michael Gellman for creating SCRIPTED TORONTO, first of all. And...for accepting "Nerves" as a part of the Festival! It was truly the most wonderful experience. Invaluable as an artist, incredibly validating and inspiring as a writer, and ... a master class as an actor. To be working along side so many wonderful creative souls has been life-affirming beyond my wildest dreams. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to convey .. “- Cooper Shaw

“Scripted Toronto gave me a chance to get my bearings on a play that is having a difficult gestation. Was glad to be introduced to gifted Toronto-based performers who were new to me, and was encouraged by the reactions of what seemed to be a smart audience. I'm sure that at the end of the first go-around, tweaks will be proposed, but the foundation is solid and valuable.” -Jeff Sweet

"Scripted Toronto is an excellent platform to test out work in front of an engaged and intelligent audience. Personally, I was able to use what we learned from this performance of An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns to hone the writing and direction for our run at the upcoming Toronto Fringe Festival." -- Lauren Greenwood

“Scripted Toronto provided me with an all-important development opportunity for a very low participation fee, a relative unicorn in today's theatre world. I've always considered audience participation key in the early drafts, and our presentation at Scripted Toronto helped to clarify several bugs in the script as well as solidify story direction. Good product comes from a comprehensive process and Scripted Toronto has proved to be a valuable opportunity to my writing process.”- Wyatt Lamoureux

”My cast and I had an absolute blast preparing for Scripted Toronto. We have many future plans for the effort we have invested to date. This invitation to participate has drawn a super-kool collaborative of professional musician-actors together from my own perspective.  There are great things born of such creative brain-storming. You could have seen the blaze for miles, on most nights we were together in rehearsals. That's the juice we live for as writers and purposeful creators. Thanks so much, Deb and Michael for providing this opportunity to storm the boards with our projects in development”. - R.L. Read


Watch this page for more exciting information for 2020 VISION!

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