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IMPROVISED  ACTING with Michael J Gellman

Improvisation is the Jazz of Theatre - Come play with us!


Improvisation is simply acting without a script - A theatre created by actors for actors - A playful method of training using the creation of story and the actor’s imagination. It’s time to get back to the fun of exploring the actor’s craft for performance – rediscover the playfulness within the play.

IMPROVISED ACTING is designed to bridge modern day improvisation techniques with traditional actors training.  Participants will focus on the tools necessary for creating strong and exciting performance and exploring methods used to create unique and truthful theatre - with and without text. 


·        Playing and being truly present in the moment.

·        Getting out of our own way.

·        Gaining confidence in auditions and performance

·        Connecting to our partners on stage

·        Trusting ourselves and our characters in performance

·        Re discovering the JOY in performance


Actors will explore methods developed by Mr. Gellman in his 40 years of directing theater including Resident and Artistic Director of Second City and explored in his book – Process:  An improvisers Journey. The workshop experience will apply to auditions, text work, play development and improvisational performance.

This Intensive is for actors who have never worked with Mr. Gellman or who want a fun one day refresher.